Ways Of Working

In September 2018, the people attending the third TCG meeting worked on an agreed set of standards for the ways we will beĀ working with each other.

We agreed at the meeting on the following:

  1. Have empathy at the heart of all communication
  2. Every person will be equally valued
  3. We will challenge ideas but not individuals and be clear with reasons for disagreement
  4. Speak in ways that are broken down clearly and made accessible and let nobody dominate the conversation
  5. An emphasis on youth voice taking a lead and communicating to elders
  6. We engage in actively listening to what people have to say and not planning a response while they are still talking
  7. We will celebrate and build on the good things, whilst acknowledging, learning and valuing mistakes
  8. Keep it light and enjoy ourselves
  9. Decision making process: We will always give 3 days warning of a proposal to be discussed prior to a meeting or assembly. This gives all members time to consider about the issue in question.


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