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A non-party-political platform that puts the shared values and practical vision of the community at the heart of local governance, empowering communities to across Torridge to transform their local economies and wellbeing for the benefit of all.

There’s a new way of doing local politics.It’s independent, it’s Flatpack and it’s not the Handforth way.
Trust the people.

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Item 8 on the Bideford Town Council's agenda, Councillor Kaye Corfe gives a heart felt presentation on the problems we are having within our communities regarding those that struggle with finding a place to call home and asks our councillors to look at ways to help those in need tackle this ever growing problem that is faced by an ever growing number of our community.

Read about our Councillors

Laurence Shelley

Hi. I’m Laurence Shelley Northam Orchard Hill – Town I am a Devonian, a past teacher and entrepreneur and Northam resident for over 20 years. As a founding trustee of Bideford Sustainability Group, I researched many local issues for articles in ‘My Town’ magazine, helped develop Morwenna Community Garden and am a passionate supporter of … Read more

Jonathan Rose

Hi. I’m Jonathan Rose Torrington – Town & District ELECTED!!! I came to Great Torrington in 1975 and at 19 was the youngest worker in the condensary at the milk factory. I helped to lay pathways on the Commons and to build the lake and later as a town councillor, led a group of volunteers … Read more

Joel Herron

Hi. I’m Joel Herron Bideford North – Town & District I am a teacher, currently working part-time across North Devon, which enables me to run a small café in Bideford Pannier Market. As such, I am committed to exploring employment opportunities for young people in the area. Since moving to Bideford three years ago, I … Read more

Kaye Corfe

Hi. I’m Kaye Corfe Bideford West – Town I have felt welcomed and connected to this community since moving here six and a half years ago. I now want to be a town councillor, to empower our community to grow and become more resilient. I believe in social inclusion for all and am passionate to … Read more

Carl Hawkins

Hi. I’m Carl Hawkins Bideford West – Town & District I am now 47 years old, my family and I have always lived in Bideford, currently, I am self-employed and work in many areas related to media and IT. My household comprises of myself, my wife Tina and my two daughters aged 17 and 13 … Read more

Our new Manifesto for 2019

A new story for our time

This is how we seek to tell the new stories about the places and communities we live in, they are ones based on hope, sharing, celebrating, connection with self, others and nature.

By coming together, finding our COMMON GROUND and rediscovering our power to act, we can awaken to the possibility of transforming our everyday lives for the better and in doing so create abundant and flourishing communities at a local level.

Barnstorm March 10th

Hello and welcome to this page, Carl here with my thoughts on the recent Barnstorm event held at polyfield on the 10th March 2019, right at this moment I am putting together my thoughts on how our day went.. Please check back soon… For now i have added photos taken on the day should anyone like to … Read more

Torridge Transition Launch Event

Jamie Kelsey Fry will be opening the event with a talk and discussion on the new and emerging participatory politics.

Peter Macfadyen endorses indie-town.uk

‘Flatpack Democracy’ author and Leader of Frome Town Council, the country’s only fully independent town council, endorses indie-town.uk as a valuable resource and focal point for aspiring and extant independent political movements in the UK.

Talk by Peter Macfadyen of Independents for Frome

Peter Macfadyen, founder of Independents for Frome, talks to BIG supporters in the Widcombe Social Club on Monday 26th March 2018. Introducing the talk is Peter Andrews of BIG. Find out about BIG at www.bigindependents.org

Change:HOW? #20 Peter Macfadyen

Peter is the Mayor of Frome, northeast Somerset, the author of Flatpack Democracy, and has worked in areas of social justice for 35 years. He is one of the founders Independents for Frome, created to support a group of individuals to stand and get elected to Frome Town Council in 2011. Ten of the seventeen … Read more

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