What would local government look like if it was run by the community for the community?

What would a local government look like if it was run according to the practical wishes of the community and not the personal ideology of the few?

What would the shared vision of the people of Torridge look like and how could it transform the community?

Towns and cities across the UK are transforming their communities through non party political platforms, made up of the community and steered by the vision of the community, taking power.

Their local economies and well being are being transformed through community wealth schemes, creating sustainable local enterprise, community owned renewable energy cooperatives, ending outsourcing and supporting local businesses instead, protecting against the encroachment of corporate ownership and reclaiming the commons through land trusts.

Hundreds of towns and cities, from Frome to Monmouth and beyond, from Jackson Mississippi to Barcelona in Spain, are seeing their communities coming together and listening to each other, creating a grassroots Non-political platforms to take power back based on their shared vision. Communities are losing faith with any central government's abilities to genuinely reflect and address their local needs. So they are doing it for themselves. And it works.


Our wards here in Torridge have changed for 2019

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