Steve Kimberley

Steve Kimberley

Steve Kimberley - I now live in Bideford South. I retired in 2018, having spent 30+ years working in the IT industry. I'm not affiliated to any political party and my focus is to support and develop local initiatives for the benefit of the community.

I'm in favour of:

  • The proposed Isaac's Yard and Brunswick Wharf projects;
  • Addressing issues around recycling and the costs for local residents;
  • Bringing in a 20mph speed limit within the town;
  • Improving and expanding provision for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • Developing local facilities, such as a community centre in Bideford South.
  • Is this is an ideal time for change?
  • Are you Disillusioned with local politics?
  • Are you curious about other alternatives because the current system is in a mess?
  • Do you mistrust of the power of corporations?
  • Is politics broken and are people not being heard?
  • How can we take back control of our local communities?
  • Are you angry with the current democratic system?
  • Is there any political model that embraces the household from the ground up?
  • Does the dumbing down of politics suit the vested interests of those in power?
  • Why Develop in the countryside at the loss of wildlife?
  • Do we need to get fairness into the planning process?
  • Is it wrong to want a better future for our children and grandchildren and be concerned for their futures?
  • Should we be encouraging community engagement and participation especially youth?
  • Should we be fixing fragmented early stage projects and get them going in area?

People are tired of the old party politics. We are not a party, but an independent group of ordinary people, free to act in the best interests of the community and seeking consensus.

We will hold regular assemblies where you can freely voice your hopes and concerns. We will always respect & appreciate other people’s points of view.

You need to know what we stand for. Our online Manifesto sets out the principles and policies we uphold and seek to progress. Do take a look.

We will be bold enough to challenge existing conventions and preconceptions where they no longer serve the greater good.

We will have the humility to admit that we don’t have all the answers and will always be prepared to learn from mistakes.

Our democracy is in crisis.

The old party politics is broken and has no place at a local level.
If you feel that your voice is not being heard, if you love this area and want to make it better,
Torridge Common Ground will listen.

Who are Torridge Common Ground?

We are not a political party but a group of ordinary, independent people putting the interests of the community at the heart of all decision-making.

Ours is a new democratic vision based on hope - sharing, celebrating and connecting with our community.
Together we can rediscover our power to act and transform everyday lives for the better.

No matter what your politics are or were.
If you care about our community.
If you want your local councils to change focus by listening more to local residents then please consider voting for Torridge Common Ground.

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