Leap Questions

 As we grapple with what is unfolding in our local community's as a result of national planning policy some good starting questions to ask might be:

- If we probe a little deeper behind the initial appearances of good will, for whom is National planning policy really serving and benefiting?

- Is there any beauty in the plan and does the strategy have any soul?

- Collectively how can we turn the problem into the solution?

- How can we use this situation to achieve good for the largest number for future generations?

- Do we have a responsibility to use the earth’s resources responsibly and to care and preserve them for the sake of generations to come?

- Is nature a shared gift or a private possession?

Further questions - beyond fight or flight might be:

- How can we seize the moral initiative?

- How can we assert our own humanity and dignity as a people?

- How can we meet force with ridicule?

- Are we willing to refuse to submit or accept the inferior position?

- How can we expose the injustice of the system?

- How can we take control of the power dynamic?

- How can we stand our ground?

- How can we force the powers to make decisions for which they were not prepared?

- How can we recognize our own power?

- Are we willing to undergo the penalty for breaking unjust laws?




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