Torridge Common Ground Newsletter – November 24th

This is a brief update on what's coming up next for the good crew of... Torridge Common Ground

That's the first update; the voting to decide our name closed at mid day yesterday (23rd November 2018) and Torridge Common Ground just pipped Torridge Together, though it was a close run.

6th December at The Old Custom House in Bideford, from 7pm.

This will be a special session where we have invited three people who are experienced in different ways that will be extremely helpful to all of us getting a clearer idea of how to make TCG be successful. Stephanie Leonard works in organisation and movement building. Deanne DuKahn works in political campaigning. Warren Puckett works in digital democracy and social media campaigning. They are all very experienced and highly respected.

And very excited about learning from us as well. It is key to the team that people work in advance at coming up with the best questions to hit this panel with, ones that you feel would be most useful to understanding how we can work together to win a district council run by the community for the community.

Now that we know our name is TCG then our Outreach and Media groups can start shaking up interest in the public to attend this really useful event. It'd be great if outreach and media were able to create flyers and posters and draw on their creative genius to find other ways of getting the community interested in being empowered.

Peoples' Assembly on the 17th December

In the last letter we said that the Peoples' Assembly would be held on the 19th of December but it will be on the evening of the 17th instead. Much apologies!

19th December will be Facilitation Training and Organisational Mapping workshop.

This evening session will be run by Stephanie Leonard and Jamie Kelsey. It will be a three hour session and is open to everyone. The session will be building on all those who have become interested through the assembly the night before and for those of us who are veteran TCG. Facilitation training will allow groups to then start their own TCG meetings where they live, all run the same way, with the same principles, with listening at the heart of the process.

The organisational mapping will allow TCG to start going to the next level of organising throughout the district as well as mapping a clear picture of the way ahead. The sessions are free and we would like as many people to sign up and attend as possible. Further details of venue and times will be forthcoming.

Working Groups

Next week will see the working groups meeting up. Looking forward to what goes on. Now we have a name, some firm dates with details of what is on offer, it'd be great if some well designed posts go up on FB and Twitter about the events coming up. And worth thinking about a general flyer that is designed to hook peoples' interests.

IT'd be really useful if the details of when and where each working group are meeting next week are put up on the FB page once it is up and running. Carl will be looking at adding separate pages on our website so that each group has its own page and people can input what they are up to and anyone can comment and add support. That's coming soon!

All power to Torridge Common Ground

Have a good weekend!

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