Political Organising toolkit

Many thanks to Stephanie Leonard for putting this together for us..

The essentials

Please create an account on Act Build Change and take training 2,3 and 4.

This will help you with power mapping, one-to-one, running house meetings and getting your stories slick.

Turn out

How are do you get people to show up to vote? Who do you focus your attention on? How do you build the people power you need to make the change you seek? This links will help you.

A piece I wrote on how to build up your numbers: https://actbuildchange.com/blog/how-to-get-people-to-turn-up-and-take-charge/

This is Sam Coates from Campaign together who support all parties in marginal seats to defeat the conservatives. https://actbuildchange.com/blog/how-to-stop-a-conservative-supermajority/

Telling your story

How do you craft your story of you, us (Torridge Common Ground) and now (why people need to show up now for you).

Training 3 on Act Build Change

Resistance School https://www.resistanceschool.com/course/public-narrative/

Door Knocking

These are the 4 key canvassing skills. Tone, Body Language, Genuine Curiosity, and Eye Contact. These skills help make a positive and lasting impression with people.


  • Speak like you confidently, remember this is your community and you’re talking as a neighbor with shared concerns
  • Make sure you are matching tone with the voter - are they in a rush, are they reluctant, chatty
  • How can we best have a conversation that suits their attitude, or change that attitude to one that’s more receptive?

Body Language

  • You make your first impression at the door before you even say hello. Make sure to smile, be upbeat and make eye contact
  • Awareness of open vs closed body language
  • Body language is something that plays a large role in setting us at ease, or on edge, and is a large part of how we communicate as humans

Eye Contact

  • Eye contact keeps voters engaged and shows you are listening
  • It helps create a personal connection and rapport with the voter

Genuine Curiosity

  • This is important for making sure that we can relate personally to their life
  • Ask questions
  • Listen actively
  • Repeat concerns back to make sure you are understanding each other

This video is from the Resistance School in the states. It is coming from a US context but is still really useful.


Phone Banking

Learn why phone-banking matters, what you need to start calling, tips to make an effective call, and two proven frameworks for persuading and turning out voters.

How to Phone Bank


How to get commitments


Websites that will be useful


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