Introduction to the Youth Group

Hi, my name is Dylan I'm 16 and I am the youth contact point for Torridge Common Ground (TCG). I have been part of TCG since its inception and have found it really inspiring that the team has shown such enthusiasm towards the younger generation. Young people are always excluded from the decisions that are made which have everything to do with our future and yet we don't ever get a say.  The fact that TCG is listening to young people and care about their future and want to support us is amazing to me. That's why I've stepped up to take on the role as coordinator for the youth part of TCG.

This is a great chance for young people to actually be part of a movement that listens to them and acts on what they have to say. I think it's the best chance for young people in the district of Torridge to get a brighter future and I really hope more young people come on board and we work together to see this happen.

If you wish to contact me

my E-mail is

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